We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a Mini-Medics course to children aged 8-11. The course aims to raise awareness and allows children to help someone that is ill or injured and how to summon appropriate help.

Ideal for community groups with a children’s focus and schools looking to add to their after schools clubs roster.

If you would like to talk to us some more about this exciting course specifically for young people then please contact us by email to

First Aid Boxes:

We are always getting asked about what contents a first aid kit should have. Below we have put together a quick reference chart so that businesses of all sizes can see what equipment the HSE recommends as a minimum:

  1 – 10 person 11 – 20 person 21 – 50 person
Guidance Leaflet   1 1 1
Eye Pad   2 4 6
Triangular Bandage   4 6 8
Medium Sterile Wounds Dressing 6 9 12
Large Sterile Wounds Dressing 2 3 4
Plasters   20 40 60
Safety Pins   6 12 12
Disposable Gloves (Pair) 1 2 3
Sterile Wipes   10 10 20

First Aid Training

Sapphire First Aid Training offer a range of First Aid Courses suitable for the individual or corporate requirements.

We provide expert training in the following HSE approved courses. Please click on the above menu for a more detailed description of the courses and prices. Click here to find out more.


Event First Aid

No matter what type or size of event, Sapphire First Aid has the staff available to cover your first aid requirements.

All of our event staff are qualified in both First Aid and the use of Defibrillators to instructor level. Many are also Community First Responders, Nurses and Emergency Services Personnel. This means that you can rest assured Sapphire First Aid will provide you with highly professional and competent First Aiders for your event’s moment in the limelight.images

First Aid Supplies

At Sapphire First Aid, we are able to provide you with high quality First Aid supplies at a cost that is competitive. Whether it is a bandage, a packet of plasters or a fully equipped First Aid room we can supply everything you need.

Check out our products or call us with your requirements. We are always happy to help with your needs.firstaidsuppiles

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