First Aid Training Providers

With this job, I get to travel around the country teaching both new and experienced first aiders and generally improving peoples skills. I am, however, becoming increasingly worried about the quality and ability of some first aid Instructors. I’ve been a First Aider for close to 22 years and have picked up a lot of tips along the way. Unfortunately, not everyone that becomes a  trainer can say the same. I have had to follow instructors that have only recently started out and what some of them are passing on to their students is not only wrong but in some cases potentially dangerous to their casualty.

If you are looking for First Aid training then always do your research in to the companies you are interested in working with. Check if their instructors have professional qualifications, which awarding body they are accredited to and their course syllabus.

The following link is primarily for employers but gives sound advice for anyone wishing to learn the skills of a First Aider.