Foreign Objects in the Eye

If a patient comes to you saying they think there is something in his (or her) eye, as a First Aider you need to be cautious. Foreign objects on the eye can cause infection, discomfort and in the worst circumstances permanent damage to the eye.

So, what should you do. Firstly sit the patient down and tilt their head back and slightly off centre to the injured side while you stand behind them. Next, part the eyelids carefully without putting any pressure on the eyeball. You can now flush the eye with sterile water. You should do this from the corner of the eye, next to the nose so that any contamination washes down the cheek and away from the other eye. If the foreign body does not come out with this flush of water, cover the eye with an eye patch, again not putting any pressure on the eyeball, and taking the patient immediately to their Doctor Emergency Optician.